Features & Benefits

Remote Supervision

Wondering what it looks like on site?  Relax, there’s a SMARTER way to ‘Be There’.

See how you can visit your workplace, review progress, record conditions, conduct inspections without even leaving your home office.


Wondering what they’ve done all day? Relax, there’s a SMARTER way to show it.

See how you how you can gather live and historic resource positioning data to optimize productivity and improve diary records.  See who was on site, where they worked and for how long.

Covid-19 Security

Wondering if your COVID Security is more Data Resilience or ‘Soap-n-Hope’?  Relax, there’s a SMARTER way to avoid closure.

See how you can track, audit and manage your key resources within a local private network.  Avoid and manage outbreaks proportionately with world class data not ‘Soap-n-Hope’.

Digital QS Support

Wondering how they’re progressing on site?  Relax, there’s a SMARTER way to find out.

See how you how you can visit site, assess progress for yourself, take measurements and compare progress with previous records.  Want a source of irrefutable evidence – you got it!

Safety & AI

Wondering who’s enforcing safety standards – Relax, there’s a SMARTER way to promote and police.

See how you can make, assign and track observations directly into high definition video tours of your workplace and let the Artificial Intiligence engine police these rules in your absence.

Quality Assurance

Wondering how to get all those inspections done?  Relax, there’s a SMARTER way.

See how you can share high definition video content with your entire team from which a range of safety, environmental and quality inspections can be made, without leaving the office.