Digital Engineer, a named construction professional for the site, makes the digitalisation process of the site agile and effortless.  The Digital Engineer deploys and maintains the Aiforsite solution, regularly collects and analyses site data, and provides support as a service.

Aiforsite Digital Engineer service includes on a regular (e.g. weekly) basis:

  • Installation and maintenance of AIC technology: Everything related to solution implementation and maintenance as a service
  • Site drone flights: Accurate 2D/3D drone images bring situational picture to enable smart measurement and work site planning
  • Site video documentation: Regular documentation of the site utilising helmet camera
  • Safety walks:  Safety walks indoors and outside performed between safety measurements using a helmet cam and review of the video material with work safety personnel.
  • Site support: Personal support during site visits and phone and e-mail support during normal business hours.
  • Site Management Reports: Prepare site management reports

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