Remote Site Control

An up-to-date snapshot of the site will enhance operations

Aiforsite is making profound changes to construction site production control, as our solution delivers an up-to-date snapshot without site visits. Our digital solution is based on sensor and video technology, the use of artificial intelligence and active on-line support. The benefits are improved site operations, reduced risks and improved quality. Our solution enables remote control, monitoring and reporting and is already in use on many construction, shipbuilding and industrial sites.

Operational management

  • Real-time view of all project partners on the site (live cameras on agreed outdoor and indoor locations, updated 3D imagery and site maps, location information of resources, monitoring of conditions, and 360 video recordings of each site)
  • Communicating and leading ongoing work
  • Controlling material deliveries
  • Verification of technical maturity
  • Remote view of sub-contractors and material suppliers on site


  • Comprehensive reporting including condition monitoring and humidity management, technical maturity, work productivity and occupational safety

Quality Management

  • Surveillance, findings and communication to relevant parties
  • On-site regulatory and customer supervision
  • Humidity control and monitoring of conditions
  • Site measurements, verification of differences between actual and planned work in the earth moving and frame erection phase

Occupational safety management

  • Real-time location information of people, materials and tools for occupational safety and surveillance
  • Weekly occupational safety observations and occupational safety measurements and follow-up of observations

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