AIForSite brings you AIC

AI for Construction (AIC) is Aiforsite’s intelligent technology solution to enable data-driven site management and remote work

Technology solution is delivered as SaaS (software as a service) model consisting of the following key features:

  • Visual site: Get situational awareness utilizing 360 video, feed from fixed cameras and drone imaging. Combine BIM models with 2D/3D drone images. Utilize smart measurement tools.
  • Reporting: Fetch site management reports (e.g. conditions, technical completeness, concrete dryness & strength, safety) directly from the system
  • Task Management: Create and utilize digital control charts. Manage scheduling and share latest schedule to all stakeholders. Manage site observations as assignable and traceable tickets.
  • Resource Management: Monitor and manage productivity of workers, tools and materials based on positioning data. Visualize resources on site model in real time and analyse time spent in site locations.
  • Conditions Management: Monitor site conditions in real time. Forecast concrete drying and strengthening.
  • DataHub: Ensure all project stakeholders have access to latest documents. Utilize centralized document repository including documents from both design and build phase.

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