Covid-19 Security

Effective Site Operating Procedures   

By implementing the Aiforsite mesh network across the workplace all site workers can be tracked in real time. This means that all Covid related Site Operating Procedures like Social Distancing; Cohorting, 1 Way Systems etc. can be monitored and recorded. Should an infection occur in your workplace our system can track any worker(s) ‘at risk’ who should be isolated and any areas of the workplace that may need to be deep cleaned.Avoid Forced Site Closure

By being able to track, isolate and deep clean any effected areas, and to demonstrate a clear audit trail of all events and preventative/ reactive site operations, the site can keep open rather than having to close for a period of Quarantine with all the program and cost implications that this may cause.

Prevention by Using Management Information

The system builds ‘Heat Maps’ of where most activity and/or breaches of Social Distancing rules have occurred. This provides management information so effective proactive preventative actions and procedures can be put in place to minimise the risks of Covid-19 disruption to the Site.

Beat the Audit

Can you prove you comply with the Government Regulations?  Are you controlling the workplace following the HSE/CLC’s Heirachy of Risk?     Prove your Safe Site Operating Procedure is working:

  1. Eliminate: Track and trace workforce. Remove those with symptoms and exposure. Provide safe and secure return to work controls with full quarantine history.
  2. Reduce: Identify, remove or reduce congestion hotspots. Reduce frequency of interaction.
  3. Isolate: Define working bubbles, keep workforce in the same teams/pods, promote & manage social distance with alerts.
  4. Control: Monitor exposure, prove < 15min limits and increase remote supervision economically. Prove your safe system of work is effective, even when your back is turned.
  5. PPE: Use appropriate kit to best protect your workforce