Productivity – Data for Optimisation

Virtual Tours = Less travelling

The 360-camera film footage optionally combined with AIforsite’s automated Artificial Intelligence driven observations enable you to carry out remote inspections of your site from your office desk.

The films made from our any drone flights allow progress reporting to be both visual and quantitative , taking accurate site measurements from the drone film footage all without leaving the office.

Visits to site to physically inspect can be reduced to a minimum with inspections carried out remotely and site measurements for valuation all conducted remotely. This saves travel time and increases the number of sites that can be inspected in any one day.  Empower your experts do more with their time and add more value.

Improve standards using remote supervision

Levels of quality and site safety are maintained even when there is lower supervision. We all remember the effort that went into presenting a tidy, safe and clean site before a visit by the directors. Now that standard can be maintained every day as the site monitoring is constant without the need for specific physical visits.  Introduce a positive culture of monitoring and accountability that will impact productivity, safety and quality standards.

Location Based Data

All film footage is stored and its location recorded and visually displayed using a ‘Snail Trail’ on a site plan of that particular floor of the site. This provides a visual history of the site so any retrospective inspection to check  for an historical event/condition that occurred at that location can be carried out remotely without having to visit site.

By defining virtual locations we can track and monitor resource time spent in these locations, helping to substantiate cost plus and productivity calculations.

Historic Evidence to substantiate valuations

As all the film footage is stored this provides a visual, searchable history of the site and its activities so any requirement to check for an historical event can be carried out remotely. Site measurement from the footage can be calculated and comparisons with previous footage can be made to track progress.