Quality Observations and Records

Virtual Tours available for Everyone

The 360 camera film footage combined with AIforsite’s automated Artificial Intelligence driven observations made from the footage enable anyone to carry out remote inspections of your site from your office desk.

The films made from our Drone flights are available for anyone to review, compare and create  progress reports which can be both visual and quantitative. Take accurate site measurements from the drone film footage all without anyone leaving the office.

Make, assign and Track Observations to Closure

Observations and Non-Conformances can be created, categorised, delegated and tracked to closure. Users helpfully get notified of outstanding issues in the vicinity as they ‘walk around’ the video footage.

HD Video Shows Context

The video from either the 360 ‘walk around’ or the Drone flight footage can be edited for use in reports to provide visual evidence of the event/ context.  Take and copy a 2D screen capture anytime for your email if you want.

Categorise Observations

Any observation can be put into categories e.g. Health and Safety: Quality: Progress etc.

Digital Handover

Site Handover can be accompanied by a visual record of the progress over the course of the program. This may also be used by theoperations team to show where hidden plant/ items e.g. valves, stop cocks etc. are located.

Proof of Handover Conditions

The final film footage prior to handover maybe used as a record of proof of condition on the handover date so any damage/defect can be assigned to prior or Post-handover.