Remote Supervision

By adopting Aiforsite on your projects you can dramatically reduce the amount of time and cost spent to supervise and monitor your workplace.

Remote inspection Be there, anywhere, anytime with full 360 degree high definition footage from helmet cam and drone footage.  The 360-camera film footage combined with AIforsite’s automated Artificial Intelligence driven observations enable you to carry out remote inspections of your site from your office desk.

The films made from our drone flights allow progress reporting to be both visual and quantitative, taking accurate site measurements and comparing with previous all without leaving the office.

Reduce Travel

Visits to site to physically inspect can be reduced to a minimum with Health and Safety spot checks carried out remotely and site measurements for valuation all conducted remotely. This saves travel time and increases the number of sites that can be inspected in any one day.

Reduce unnecessary journeys and workplace visitors –  Why not allow the whole team to benefit from a single tour and comment rather than everyone travelling.

Make observations

As the film footage is stored, retrospective and/or current observations of Quality ; Health and Safety and/ or Progress can be made from the footage. All carried out from the office desktop.

Full visual History and conditions

The storage of the film footage provides a visual history of the site so any retrospective inspection to check  for an historical event or physical condition can be carried out remotely without having to visit site and interrogate incomplete historic site records and diaries.

The benefit is clear – An irrefutable source of evidence to support you in disputes and progress monitoring.  Why not re-direct your site photography budget and get much better records today

Safety and productivity Gains

Maintain your high levels of productivity, quality and site safety when your back is turned. We all remember the effort that went into presenting a tidy, safe and clean site before a visit from the directors. Now that standard can be maintained every day as the site monitoring is constant.