Best Practice in Safety and AI Support

Virtual Safety Tours

Aiforsite can be used to conduct virtual safety tours of the site reducing travel time, carbon emmissions and disruption. Visit 10 sites a day not 2 and make the best use of your time. Prioritise your physical visits where needed most.

Locate Key resources and Equipment

Major items of plant or materials delivered to site can be recognised by the AI engine and their movements around the site can be tracked. Every worker wearing an Aiforsite PUCK can be tracked so in the event of an emergency their location known so evacuation can be carried out faster and without leaving anyone behind. Now common gate systems tell you who is not accounted for, but not where they are. Better for safety and security.

Make and track Safety Observations

Make manual observations in the 360 degree HD video footage. The Aiforsite AI engine learns to recognise hazards and/or breaches of health and safety policy. The film footage of a drone or 360 walk-through is analysed by the system and Non-Conformance notices are created and published by the system helping to automate the site inspection regime. These notices can be managed appropriately in the register.

Improve safety compliance

As observations are more frequent and monitoring is live, compliance with Health and Safety standards becomes part of the normal site environment rather than a level which is achieved only just prior to a site inspection. Time to boost your safety culture with remote supervision and AI.

Police Rules Automatically

Even in your absence, the AI engine in Aiforsite will spot and create a Non-Conformance Notification automatically when it finds a breach or Health and Safety requirements. The AI engine ‘learns’ by visual pattern recognition from manual creation of Non-Conformances so gradually the system will automatically police your chosen rules/policy rather then requiring constant site visits and inspections.