AIForSite Delivers Covid19 Construction Site Solution

How to enforce and police Social Distancing using Rapid – DBS:

The Latest Guidance from the Government; ‘Social distancing in the workplace during coronavirus (COVID-19)’ is unequivocal:

  • ‘You should plan work to minimise contact between workers. This should be kept to 15 minutes or less wherever possible.’
  • ‘Keep groups of operatives working together in teams that are as small as possible (cohorting)’


And the CLC’s ‘Site Operating Procedures during Covid-19’ is also very clear:

  • Non-essential physical work that requires close contact between workers should not be carried out
  • Attendees should be two metres apart from each other

How do you follow these rules in Practice?

To solve this problem Rapid-DBS had teamed up with Aiforsite and developed a 2m warning and auditing/vibration system to monitor and demonstrate compliance with Social Distancing rules. This system updates all site records of these incidents keeping a record of who was involved and where.

Site operatives’ movements on a site can be recorded every 15/30 seconds and the records kept in case they are needed for Covid-19 contact tracing for the duration of the project.

The system will also track the number of operative in any area at any particular time solving the Cohort issue with detailed visual heat maps and real time warning of any breach.

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  • Commercial Social distancing monitoring
  • Allows business continuity
  • Supports wellbeing of operatives
  • Event notification & reporting
  • Historical contact information for infection control
  • Promotes enhanced health and safety at work environment for construction operatives


How can Aiforsite help protect site operatives and enforce the required level of Social Distancing?

This is how you track your site personnel while they are on site with Aiforsite:

  • tracks site personnel’s movements around the project and  updated every 30 to 15 seconds (including: Name and role) .
  • identifies and reports contact points (i.e. 2m proximity clash detection) with any other site personnel.
  • has a comprehensive Audit Trail of the personnel movements during the day
  • regulates the working space to police the number of operatives permitted in an area at one time.
  • produces historical records of personnel movements whilst they are on site.
  • the AiforSite API  can integrate with your gate system to ensure that each protocol is assigned to the correct person.
  • individual warning systems can be set to prompt personnel that they are in breach of social distancing protocols.
  • different distancing restriction protocols can be sent per User/client  for individual grades and types of personnel.
  • immediately updates seen on  the control room dashboard show all breaches of Social Distancing for later investigation
  • the system can Integrate with your resource management for project controls systems

What if there is a reportable Covid-19 infection that involves the HSE or PHE?

As they system tracks 2m proximity clashes the audit trail can be immediately searched to produce a complete list of every person who has breached the 2m rule while on-site and this can be provided to HSE/PHE. The system can provide a further list of all movements and where on the site the Operative has been working.

Are there any other benefits from using the system on site?


  • People feel safer
  • Management can make better informed decisions
  • Productivity on site improves
  • There is greater site transparency of all activities on site to mitigate the risks
  • Real TIME PROGRAM updates can be made live
  • Evidence to mitigate any claims is real time and complete
  • Site resource planning can be optimised leading to improved site utilisation so a faster program with fewer personnel on site.

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