The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is fast becoming the norm, with SMART plugs, doorbells and devices in almost every home affording the user greater convenience and intelligence around daily operations.

Our RAPIDTRACK solution and services team aims to bring this same convenience and intelligence to your SMART Workplace bringing valuable insights into operational performance data.

Our technology platform acts as an easy online hub which helpfully collates and manages various data and video feeds in the workplace onto a single dashboard, helping management see what is happening today and what has happened historically, bringing operational efficiencies and driving improvements in productivity, quality and safety.

Customers value these key features:

Resource Tracking

  • Time:Location Reporting – Plant / Labour / SubContractor Groups
  • Accurate < 1m
  • Low Maintenance – Long Life Battery Operated
  • Heatmap Reports for resources/groups.
  • You may know the clock ON/OFF times you were charged for – Let us tell you what happened during that time.
  • Rapid Setup – Contact Us

IoT Sensor Reports

  • Wide Range of Sensors (Heat, Noise, Humidity, Water Levels… Hundreds more)
  • Aggregate into a single dashboard
  • Set alarm levels
  • Relax